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Affordable Mobility Equipment in Peterborough
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West Town Chemist & Mobility2You Centre - Affordable Mobility Equipment Specialists in Peterborough.

Located in Central Peterborough, West Town Chemist Mobility2You offers a wide range of mobility equipment for every budget. This family run Pharmacy has a comprehensive range of mobility aids and sports supports for every individual. As part of a comprehensive offering, West Town Chemist also stock the BetterYou pill free Vitamin Sprays including Vitamin D and Vitamin B Energy boost supplements. For athletes, arthritis and aches and pains the BetterYou transdermal Magnesium Range in store is perfect for supplementing magnesium levels. West Town Chemist stock a variety of magnesium oils, sprays, high potency magnesium gels and blended products such as the relaxing lavender sleep range and energising muscle soaks. 

Wheelchairs are available to browse in store with aluminium and steel models available. Lightweight transport chairs are perfect for short trips, airplanes and holidays whilst more robust self propel wheelchairs and lightweight transit chairs are suitable for everyday or regular users. 

If you or a loved one is at risk of falls visit Kamal and the West Town Chemist team to discuss the selection of walking aids stocked within their Mobility2You disability equipment department. Rollators are walking frames with four wheels and an integrated seat and can be made of steel or aluminium- such as the Drive R8 Rollator.

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