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Know the Important Wheelchair Parts for Proper Repair and Maintenance

The number of wheelchair users is on the rise. Wheelchairs is one of the most widely used mobility aid that allows people who require support to move around conveniently without any issue. When looking for Wheelchairs for Sale UK, it is essential to know about their important parts. Having knowledge about the important wheelchair parts will enable you to maintain and repair the wheelchairs properly are regular intervals.


Manual Wheelchair Parts

If you are using a manual wheelchair, here are the parts about which you should know.

  • Front and Rear Wheels

Without the front and rear wheels, it is not possible to use or move the wheelchairs. While the rear wheels only move backward and forward, the front wheels can move in different directions. In case of any problem with the wheels, make sure to reach out to the technicians at the earliest.

  • Push Handles

The push handles located at the wheelchair’s back are used for pushing the wheelchair. Make sure to replace the dirty and worn out push handles.

  • Brakes

Brakes ensure optimum stability of the wheelchairs. Make sure to check the brakes at regular intervals and tighten them when required.

  • Push Ring

Push rings are metallic rims on the outside of the rear wheels. Replacing the push rings with dents and cracks at the right time is important.

  • Seat, Armrest, and Backrest

Proper maintenance of the seat, armrest, and backrest is vital. If you find any wear and tear of these parts, make sure to opt for a replacement.

  • Footplates and Calfstraps

Calfstraps help in preventing your legs from falling off the footplates. In case the footplates have become loose, ensure tightening them with the use of screwdrivers.


Electric Wheelchair Parts

In addition to the manual wheelchair parts, the electric wheelchairs have additional parts as follows.

  • Charging Port

The charging ports allow you to charge the wheelchairs. It is important to check the charging port and repair it if you find any problem.

  • Joystick

Joysticks allow you to control your wheelchair. Any malfunctioning of the joystick can be dangerous. So, make sure to get it repaired at the earliest.

  • Seatbelt

Seatbelt ensures the safety of the users. It is important to check that the seatbelt is in good condition to avoid slipping and falling.



Now that you know the important parts of manual and electric wheelchairs, it is vital to properly maintain the wheelchairs. Whether you are in search of the Best Hip Replacement Equipment or equipment for Physical and Mobility Disability Online, Mobility2You is the ideal option. The Disabled Living’s Online Shop has all the mobility equipment you would ever require.

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