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Disability Equipment for Elderly

Kitchen Helping tools that made for Elderly and Disabled People

It's hard for elderly people to do the usual work in the kitchen as normal people will do, so we have gathered some information and made a list of some kitchen tools for seniors and disabled.


Kitchen Tools for Seniors and Disabled

Can Opener

This is the most basic Disability Kitchen Aids for seniors, and you should always have one in your kitchen. You can use a manual or electric can opener to open cans, but it's important that the can opener fits perfectly on top of the can so that there are no injuries and you don't waste any food by cutting off too much of the lid or bottom of your cans. If you're buying a new one, read reviews from people who have used them before because some models are difficult to use if they don't fit well over your particular brand of canned goods.


Rollator Walker

A Rollator Walker is a mobility aid that helps with standing and walking. It has four large wheels, two on each side of the device, with handgrips on either end. The user holds onto the handles and pushes them forward to walk; when they pull back, they stop walking.

Some people with mobility problems use rollator walkers because of arthritis or joint pain in their knees or hips. These are older adults who need help getting around but do not want to use a wheelchair (which is generally seen as less dignified than a walker). A rollator gives them more freedom without sacrificing their self-esteem or dignity. It allows them to get from place to place without relying on someone else for assistance or supervision.


 Lightweight Wheelchairs Halfords Pimlico

Light Weight Wheelchairs Halfords Pimlico are Disability Equipment for Elderly people who are able to transfer themselves and may also be used by people with limited mobility. These wheelchairs are lightweight and have a low profileframe that offers greater stability than standard wheelchairs. They're ideal for those who have limited upper-body strength or lower body strength due to their smaller size, which makes them easier to man oeuvre through tight spaces.

If you’re looking for a mobility aid for your elderly or disabled loved one, Mobility2You might be the right choice. This UK-based company has provided products for seniors since 2010 and currently boasts over 1,000 stores throughout the country.

Its selection of products includes walkers, wheelchairs, mobility scooters and stairlifts. The company also provides a range of services, including installation and repair services.



If you have any questions or would like to discuss what mobility products would suit your needs, then please call our friendly customer service team, or visit our store.
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