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How to pick the Right Power Drive for Your Mobility Needs?

A power drive doesn’t imply a car here! Rather it is a much-needed mobility assistance device that helps you move easily. A power drive here is referred to as an advanced wheelchair that helps you move without using any manual support. With the progression of technology, you can find an extensive range of Mobility Aids and Equipment Online. The power drive is one such piece of equipment that eases your movement. However, choosing one of the most desirable power drives can be monotonous for you.

It is especially when you have an extensive market and a wide range of options. Thousands of competitors strive to offer you the best power drive for your Handicapped Mobility Aids Online. Picking the right one includes several factors to contemplate about. As a novice user, you may not know all such features. So, this guide brings you some of the top-notch factors to look for when you are buying a power drive as you Mobility Equipment Online.

Types of power drive that you will come across

Front-wheel drive power-driven chairs 

This is one classification of the power drive chairs that comes with two wheelsets as operated with power. Two front wheels move with the help of electric motors. The main component of these chairs is their front wheels, as it gets them moving. When the front wheel moves, it pulls the whole body along with it. The front-wheel driven power chairs are quite efficient in overcoming obstacles.

Center wheel drive power chairs

You can find three sets of wheels in your power drive in these chairs or the power drives. The wheels are usually aligned to the centre and move the whole body from a centred place location. The front and the rear wheel are smaller and have no role in moving the chair. They are just present to offer you better Mobility2You.

Rear Wheel drive

The rear-wheel power drive chairs again have two sets of wheels. The front wheels here are caster wheels, and the main components are the rear wheel. The Power wheel present at the rear always offers you better control and stability. Power wheels on rear ends even help you climb terrain.

The final decision

Based on your use, you can use any of the one power drives that are suitable for you. But the rear wheel power drives are the best Mobility Aids and Equipment Online, offering you better stability.


The above were a few tips to pick the best power drive for your mobility. With tips and knowledge, you can now make a better decision.
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