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Explore the Benefits of Standing in Your Power Wheelchair

Wheelchair users have a number of limitations. Most people keep sitting on Manual Transit Wheelchairs for long hours. However, this can give rise to several complications such as bowel problems, poor blood circulation, and pressure injuries. On the other hand, being able to stand in your wheelchair can provide you with plenty of benefits. It can provide you with a number of physical as well as psychological benefits. So, when you Buy Wheelchairs Online, make sure to avoid prolonged sitting and consider standing for some time.


Physical Benefits

The physical benefits of standing for wheelchair users are:


  • Increases Bone Density

The bone density usually decreases with inactivity and age. This, in turn, can even make bones susceptible to potential fractures. However, standing can help in preventing the loss of bone density. Moreover, it can also help in strengthening the bones of the legs.


  • Improves Blood Circulation

Movement is very important for the proper circulation of blood in the body. Sitting all day long can decrease the circulation of blood in the legs. It can even result in swelling and blood clots. On the other hand, standing can help in improving blood circulation in the legs.


  • Improves Respiration

The diaphragm usually shrinks and expands while breathing. However, in a seated position, the diaphragm gets less space to do so. Standing up can provide your diaphragm with more space to breathe properly. This, in turn, can enhance respiration as well as strengthen your lungs.


  • Improves Bowel Function

Sitting for long hours can give rise to bowel problems. Standing can help in better digestion of food, thereby improving your bowel functions.


  • Prevents Muscle Tightening

Tightening of muscles is common when you sit for hours without any movement. Standing ensures movement of the knees, ankles, hips, and trunk. It reduces the chances of muscle spasms and muscle tightening.


Psychological Benefits

The psychological benefits of standing for wheelchair users are:


  • Provides Independence

Standing can provide wheelchair users with a sense of independence. It enables them to independently stand up and look into the mirror, change the bulbs, and reach out to the cupboards.


  • Reduces Depression

The feeling of lack of control or inability to do anything can lead to depression. Depression is quite common among wheelchair users. However, being able to stand gives them hope and reduces the chances of depression.



When buying Wheelchairs for Sale, make sure not to sit all day long but stand for some time. It can provide you with ample physical and psychological benefits. Whether you want to Buy Mobility Scooter Accessories or Automotive Disability Driving Aids Online, Mobility2You is the right place for you.

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