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Commodes: Our Focus Product for This Month

Commodes are an important toilet accessory that you need to have at your home. Especially when you have joint problems or other mobility issues, commodes become all the more important. They help in providing autonomy to the individuals and ensure optimum safety. When it comes to purchasing commodes, you can always rely on online stores. Just like you can find a Wall-Mounted Shower Chair Online, or Toilet Surround Online, you can also get the commodes online. However, before you purchase the commodes, knowing about the different types and their benefits is important.

Are you wondering what the different types of commod0es available are? Here are some of the popular options available. Let’s take a look!

  • Static Chair Commodes

One of the popularly used commodes is the static chair commode. These commodes do not come with wheels. However, you can carry them easily and place them at any location in your home. The static chair commodes have a stable design and are ideal for use at home and even during travels. The best thing about this commode is that the height can be adjusted conveniently.It ensures optimum comfort for the person using it. Moreover, you can also remove the arms of the static chair commode whenever required.

  • Mobile commodes

If you are looking for a commode that can help the caretakers help the patients better, then mobile or portable commodes can be an ideal choice. The best thing about mobile commodes is that they are travel-friendly. That means you can easily carry them with you whenever and wherever you travel. The mobile commodes are usually light in weight and have 2 wheels. They can easily be pushed on tile flooring, wooden flooring, and even carpets. These commodes have swing-away footrests and armrests. Moreover, the pan can also be removed, thereby allowing you to use them as shower chairs.

  • Bariatric Commodes

Bariatric commodes are a special type of commodes that are meant for individuals who are more than 300 lbs. These commodes usually have wider seats in comparison to the traditional commodes. It allows the individuals to use the commode conveniently without having any feeling of being confined. The bariatric commodes with drop arm features are the best choice among the other options available.


Choosing the right type of commode can ensure optimum comfort and safety of the individuals. Whether you want to get a Toilet Surround Fixed Floor Online or Top Mobility Equipment Online, make sure to look for a reputed store. Mobility2You is one of the best Disability Aids & Equipment Suppliers Online for all your needs

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