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Buy the Best Picks of Anti-Slip Shower & Bath Mats

Buy the Best Picks of Anti-Slip Shower & Bath Mats

Bathroom surfaces become slippery from high moisture and humidity levels, increasing the risk of accidents for users. A simple way to improve bathroom safety is to use a non-slip shower mat. They can serve as perfect Disability Bath Aids and keep your kids and elderly safe while using the bathroom. Below are some necessary features to look for while choosing the best anti-slip bath mats to give you value for money.


  • Material of the mats and its slip-resistant feature

When it comes to shower mats, the majority of them offer some slip resistance. However, to get the right slip resistance, you must consider its materials. If you are looking for Disability Bed Aids in Romford, check out mats prepared with non-toxic materials to cause specific health risks such as BPA and phthalates. Some popular materials to offer anti-slip properties are thermoplastic elastomers, rubber, foam, etc.


  • Size of the mat

Shower mats are scaled based on their length and breadth, and most are pre-installed and ready to use in a conventional shower stall or bathtub. There might be many areas you want to use the mats, like for shower stalls, bathtubs, or buying a wall-mounted Shower Chair Online and other areas. So to use the best bath mat, first measure the amount of floor you want to use it on for an easy fitting.


  • Maintenance and cleaning of the mat

No matter the brand of shower mat you are using, even though it’s of the best quality, you should regularly clean and maintain them. A mat with suction cups on the back is particularly prone to mould and mildew, despite the claims made by some brands that they are antibacterial and mildew resistant. Hence, browse Disability Aids Near Me to check out the nearby store and buy one with more convenient maintenance features.


  • Additional features to look for

Apart from the material, size, colours, and guidelines for the shower mats cleaning and care, if you are looking for maximum slip resistance, get mats with built-in suction cups and drainage holes. Check out Mobility2You, if you want to buy mobility aids and equipment online ata budget-friendly price.


Non-toxic, BPA and phthalate-free, and cosy for bare feet, bath mats can provide a bit more security and comfort to the shower or bathtub. For added safety, bring mats designed to the needs of children, the elderly, and those with physical limitations.
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