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Mobility Aids Sales & Services

Buy the best Living Aids for Chronic Illness from Mobility2You!

Mobility aids are typically chosen by people with disabilities, injuries, or older adults who are more likely to fall. Mobility aids are made to help people who have trouble moving around have more freedom and independence. Users gain more independence, experience less pain, and feel better about themselves thanks to these devices. Below are just a few of the mobility aids that can be found to meet the requirements of individuals. Let us know about the following tools for living that can help people with chronic illnesses. 

What are the Types of mobility aids?

  • Folding shower seats

Shower seats that fold up are small and easy to reach. When you need to rest in the shower, you can quickly get to a seat with them, and they fold up to give you a lot of room to stand comfortably. When selecting Folding Shower Seats Online, ensure the seat's wall installation and the style of your shower wall are compatible and if the seat fits securely in your wet room or shower cubicle is crucial.

  • Toilet surrounds

Toilet surround, also known as toilet frames, makes it easier to move from one seated position to another. It is ideal for situations where it is impractical to mount handrails on the walls or where the toilet seat does not need to be raised, yet it still provides a handhold to assist with transfer control. Some Toilet Surround Online models are also collapsible, making them even simpler to store when not in use. 

  • Canterbury overbed table

The Canterbury Multi-Table is a must-see if you're looking for a versatile mobility aid. There are many ways to use this portable table around the house. It's possible that the bed is in the name, and you can use it there for a meal or store your laptop or newspaper. The attractive melamine finish of this height-adjustable table resembles beech. The top can be adjusted to any desired angle, from flat to approximately 45 degrees. Some of the Canterbury Overbed Table Online designs have a powder-coated frame and a pretty, easy-to-clean beech melamine top.

  • Crutches 

Transferring weight from the legs to the upper body is made easier with crutches. They can be used alone or together. People with short-term injuries or permanent disabilities can use crutches to keep them upright. If you want to Shop Crutches Online, there are many different kinds available, such as Underarm axillary crutches, Forearm Lofstrand crutches and Stairs crutches. 


The kind of mobility aid needed will depend on the problem or injury that affects mobility. Those mentioned above are the most typical kinds of mobility aids. If you want to purchase any of the above products, visit the website of Mobility2You for the best quality products with hassle-free delivery.
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