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Mobility Bathroom Aids Online

5 Helpful Mobility Bath Aids for Better Safety in the Bathroom

Toilet and bathroom areas are quite hazardous for senior people and individuals with physical disabilities. The combination of water, hard surfaces, and slippery tiles increase the chances of slipping and falling. That is why people rely on the mobility bath aids such as Folding Shower Seats Online. The use of bathroom aids can help in preventing potential accidents and makes the bathroom safer.


Here are the 5 helpful mobility bath aids for better safety in the bathroom.

  1. Grab Bars

Grab bar is one of the simplest mobility bath aids that can improve bathroom safety. It is a toilet assistive device that can provide extra support to individuals. It can be easily mounted on a number of different areas in the bathroom and reduce the chance of slipping and falling in the bathroom.


  1. Raised Toilet Seats

The height of the toilet seats is usually low. It creates difficulty for many people to stand up or sit down safely. The raised toilet seats are an ideal solution for maintaining optimum autonomy for people with disabilities. It provides additional support and enables them to sit down in the toilets comfortably and without the risk of falling.


  1. Bath Steps

Getting in and out of the bathroom can be challenging for some people. The use of bath steps allows the individuals to safely get in and out of the bathroom. It is a perfect bathroom Mobility Equipment Online. The bath steps are light in weight and can be easily moved whenever required.


  1. Bath Lifts

A bath lift is another popular mobility bath aid that is available at the Disabled Living’s Online Shop. It is perfect mobility equipment for people with disabilities and elderly people. The bath lifts make use of hydraulics in order to enable the individuals to raise or lower themselves through remote control. Moreover, it can also provide you with top-notch bathtub assistance.


  1. Shower Stools

The shower stool or Elegant Shower Chair Online is another mobility bath aid for making bathrooms safer. It combines safety and comfort. It can provide you with more support and prevent the chances of slipping and falling.



There are some of the best mobility bath aids that can provide elderly people and disabled individuals with the required assistance. If you want to Buy Fold Down Shower Seats Online or any other mobility bath aids, Mobility2You is the perfect destination for you.

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